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    No matter what your goals are whether they are as ambitious as one day playing at the highest level or as simple as just playing a game with your local side without being a liability – you will be able to learn how to reach your football goals, whatever they may be at FITFOOTY.

    For those new to the sport - Australian Rules Football is a football code that originated in Australia and is played with an oval spheroid on an oval shaped field between 2 sides of 18 on-field players – it’s most highly regarded, renowned and only national competition in Australia is the Australian Football League (AFL).  I would recommend visiting the wikipedia page, official AFL website, Aussie Rules International website and reading the Aussie Rules For Dummies book to learn more about the sport – there are also some very good videos on youtube that explain how the sport works, basic skills and showcase it's greatest aspects.

    For those who play other sports - whilst our target audience may be Australian Rules footballers, many of the fitness programs are certainly applicable and will be highly effective for many other team and/or ball sports - particularly those that consist of intermittent periods of high intensity (sprinting, leaping, high effort tackling/hitting/throwing) and low intensity activity (jogging, running, walking, low effort skills), which most commonly played sports do - these sports may include:
    • Soccer (use programs based on correlating positions and requirements)
    • Rugby League/Union (use programs based on correlating positions and requirements)
    • Cricket (use the full back/full forward and power based programs)
    • Basketball (use the flanker/utility programs)
    • Tennis (use the flanker/utility programs)
    • Baseball/Softball (use the full back/full forward and power based programs)
    • American Football (use the full back/full forward and power based programs)
    • Field Hockey (use programs based on correlating positions and fitness requirements)
    The methods outlined on this site are based on the works of well renowned athletic performance enhancement coaches including Charlie Francis, Mark Rippetoe, Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle and Mike Robertson.

    To get started take a self fitness assessment then choose a fitness program that suits you. Also be sure to read our pages on nutrition, recovery and prehab/rehab, to get the most out of your training and playing ability, as well as our blog to get further tips - there are a number of ways to subscribe to website updates on the sidebar.

    Please read our disclaimer before proceeding with any of the advice given on this site.

    All the best with your training !