Plyometric Training Programs

Do this on the same day you do sprints and weights, after sprint training and before weight training.

Rotate between exercises every 3-4 weeks

Rest 2 minutes between sets

If you are unsure how to do any of the exercises see our plyometrics exercises page

1 or 2 days per week

If doing 1 day per week, then do day 1 one week, day 2 the next week, day 1 the third week, day 2 the fourth week and so on...

Day 1

  • Jump Rope or Ankle Jumps or Rhythmic Squat Jumps  – 3x30s (jump rope), 3x20 (ankle jumps and line jumps)
  • On-Box Jumps (18" or higher) or Paused Squat Jumps (3s pause at bottom) or Tuck Jumps  - 3x5 (on-box jumps), 3x8 (paused squat jumps and tuck jumps)
  • Power Skipping or One Leg Speed Hop or Standing Triple Jump - 3x20m (power skipping and one leg speed hop per leg), 3x3 (standing triple jump)

Day 2

  • 4 star drill or Slalom Jumps or Ricochet Jumps – 3x30s (jump rope), 3x20 (ankle jumps and line jumps), 3x6 (4-star drill)
  • Broad Jumps or Box Squat Jumps for Distance or Leap Frog Jumps - 3x5 (broad jumps and box squat jumps for distance), 3x20m (leap frog jumps)
  • 3 steps and jump for height or Rhythmic Alternating Lunge Jumps or Depth Jumps- 3x5 (3 steps and jump for height, depth jumps and rhythmic alternating lunge jumps per leg)

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  1. Great stuff - can you please clarify the resp for the Ricochet and Slalom Jumps?