Plyometrics Exercises

Low Intensity

Jump Rope

Ankle Jumps

Rhythmic Squat Jumps

Slalom Jumps

Ricochet Jumps

4 star drill

Vertical Explosive

on-Box Jumps

Paused Squat Jumps (except pause for at least 3 seconds at the bottom of the movement)

Tuck Jumps

Vertical Reactive

3 steps and Jump for height (take 3 quick steps, jump stop and jump for height)

Rhythmic Alternating Lunge Jumps

Depth Jumps (use a box approximately equal to the height of your best vertical jump)

Horizontal Explosive

Broad Jumps

Box Squat Jumps for distance (the video shows box squat jump for height - for distance, jump outward like a broad jump)

Leap Frog Jumps (Squat down with your hands on the ground. Next, jump up and out as
far as possible, land, squat down once again, touch the ground and repeat.)

Short Response

Power Skipping

One Leg Speed Hop

Standing Triple Jumps

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